Experience the Enchantment of Our Nero d'Avola: Crafted for Unforgettable Moments

Nero D'Avola Feudo Montoni

⭐ Elegance Forged in Stone: 100% Nero D'Avola


A Tale of Sicilian Sun and Soil, a robust red wine crafted from the vines that have gracefully weathered 35 seasons, promising an evening of shared elegance and intense connection. This wine whispers tales of devotion and depth, nurtured over time, perfect for a memorable date. 


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Additional Information:


An intricate bouquet graced by the presence of cherry-infused spirits, red plum, blackberry, and inviting warm spices, all gracefully entwined in perfect accord. Among these captivating fragrances, the most pronounced are the aromatic embrace of cinnamon and clove. Hints of menthol elevate the palate's sense of freshness, while its texture remains gentle, velvety, and richly flavorful, enhanced by a judicious touch of delicate tannins that lend an exquisite structure.


Product Features:


Region: Sicily, Italy

Grape Variety: Nero d'Avola

Alcohol ABV: 14%

Format: 0.75L Standard

Color: Intense ruby red with slight violet reflections

Scent: Complex bouquet on fruity and spicy notes in harmony with each other. Cinnamon stands out from all the others

Flavor: The structure is not intended to conquer by its power but by its elegance. The menthol notes on the palate amplify the freshness of the wine. Supple, bewitching, tasty, very tannic in the mouth

Food Pairing: Beef and venison

Temperature of consumption: 18-20º Celsius

Service notes: Oxygenate the wine at least one hour before serving

A Glance of reviews


Sophia H. - A Sip of Timeless Grace: My husband and me we like have a bottle of Feudo Montoni's Nero d'Avola during our diner, it reminds us of our acquitance. The wine is deep, robust flavors tell a story of those 35 years, creating an experience of elegance that's both soothing and intense. 


 Liam T. - A Symphony of Ages: Nero d'Avola from Feudo Montoni is a masterpiece that encapsulates the essence of patient craftsmanship. With every sip, I can feel the vineyard's legacy unfold, painting a vivid picture of Sicilian sun and dedication to quality. 


Isabella M. - Embrace the Laziness: This wine's nickname "The lazy one" couldn't be more charming. It's as if time itself slowed down to create a red that's a testament to patience. Feudo Montoni's Nero d'Avola is an elegant must for any wine lover.