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People argue about taste.

But we want to convince with quality:

We sell only the best Sicilian wines. Whenever we are on a visit to our wine-makers in Sicily we are looking for something special. We like to rely on what we taste, see, hear and feel.


Ultimately, we rely on the seemingly infinite love that our winemakers have for their land, the earth, the grapes and, above all, their wine. As a small independent wine merchant, we purchase the wine directly from the winemakers. Join us for an exciting wine tour throughSicily.

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Vivera Winery

You're never too old to enjoy the greatest adventure of your life. That was certainly the opinion of the "senior” of the winery, Antonino Vivera, who in 2002 saw a neglected piece of land on the slope of Etna, and who felt hopelessly in love with it  when others are pondering their retirement ...

Murgo Winery

The Murgo winery was established in 1860. In 1981 baron Emanuele Scammaca del Murgo decided to convert the family-owned estate into a modern agricultural holding. In the following years he was supported by his children in this transformation. ...

Feudo Montoni

Feudo Montoni is one of the oldest recorded wineries in Sicily. It lies in the mountains around Cammarata, and was mentioned as long ago as 1595 in the pages of "De Naturali Vinorum Historia”, deemed to be THE history book of Italian wine-making. ...