Vivera Winery

The History

You're never too old to enjoy the greatest adventure of your life. That was certainly the opinion of the "senior” of the winery, Antonino Vivera, who in 2002 saw a neglected piece of land on the slope of Etna, and who felt hopelessly in love with it, and that at an age when others are pondering their retirement. And so came the birth of the Vivera Winery.


The Winemakers

Despite the relative youth of the Cantina Vivera, the family can already look back on some outstanding vintages. Its founders Antonino and Armida have already retired, but are nevertheless on hand every day to see what's happening at the winery, or to enjoy a conversation with guests. The two children Loredana and Eugenio attend to the wine-making and the marketing of the product. And all performed with great love, sincerity, passion and charm.


The Wines

Only founded by the family as recently as 2002, even in its infancy the Vivera Winery has already proved impressive, producing some astounding vintages boasting the finest hints of fruit, spice and flowers, and an incredible character imbued by the subtly balance mineralisation of the volcanic soil. The location is matchless, here at Linguaglossa, on the north-eastern side of Mount Etna, the vines are given everything they need to develop into a truly unique wine: Sunny, warm during the day, and cooling air in the evening, rich, volcanic soil and sufficient moisture absorbed from the sea by the volcano. 


The Special Experience

Insider tips rarely remain hidden, if they are truly good ones. There we are sitting comfortably in the La Vineria Cafe in Syracuse (another of those insider tips!), chatting with the owner, and she tells us in passing about a really new winery, which has already made a very good name for itself: The Vivera Winery. So naturally we (Davide and Jan) set off first thing in the morning to visit the winery. We met with Antonino Vivera and his son Eugenio, with whom we spent the entire day. With a viewing of the vineyards, the cellar and tasting the wine, the day flew past in a flash.