About us: Passionate the Sicilian way

Wine-growing on the island is undergoing some radical changes - many young winemakers are either establishing their own wineries or are taking over those belonging to their families, but they no longer tend to be satisfied with the production of mass wines and blended wines, and instead are seeking to again create top-class, characteristic wines.  The natural prerequisites on the island are ideal, and numerous new high-grade wines are being created. Many of these great wines have not been available to buy in the U.K. to date - and we have to change that. We have personally visited all of the wineries, sampled their wines and become friends and partners to our winemakers. The selection of the best wines from our wine tours can be found in this shop. And because we revisit Sicily regularly, you can be sure that yet more characterful wines are bound to follow. We’ll drink to that! 

All these aspects are combined in this shop. Enjoy shopping and of course your wine.