Pupillo Winery

The History 

Established by the King of Germany, Sicily, and Jerusalem and Holy Roman Emperor, Frederick II, 1194 – 1250: The Castello Pupillo thoroughly lives up to its imposing name. After the emperor, the castle and its lands covering more than 100 hectares were used by Sicilian aristocratic families. In 1908, the castle was purchased by the young advocate Antonino Pupillo, who had become besotted with the beauty of this place. At the end of the 1980s, it was his great-grandson, Baron Nino Pupille, who decided to grow the Moscato grape – at one time well-known and much loved, before unjustifiably sinking in oblivion. The baron dedicated over 20 years of his life to this idea.


The Winemakers

Today, the winery is managed by Carmela Pupillo, the daughter of Nino Pupillo. It is hard to imagine a more vivacious, friendly and expert ambassador of the wine-making business. Anyone becomes acquainted with Carmela will want to return repeatedly to the castello to visit Carmela and enjoy her wines in this unparalleled ambiance.


The Wines

The specialization of the Pupillo family is the almost forgotten grape, the Moscato di Siracusa DOC (a quality assurance label and designation of origin). The grape are grown in dry, medium dry and sweet varieties. The sweet Moscato DOC, served for dessert and with the cheese course, is the flagship of the Pupillo winery.


The Special Experience

Do you recall our story above about meeting Carmela Pupillo and visiting her castello? Four years after we met Carmela in Sicily, last summer Davide celebrated his wedding at Castello Pupillo. The start of a wonderful friendship.