Antichi Vinai Winery

The History

For over 100 years now, the Antichi Vinai winery (which translates as Antique Wine-Makers) has been making outstanding wines on the northern slopes of Mount Etna. In this quest, the family relies not only on the classical grapes of the region, but also on their passion for wine and the experience they have gathered over generations. 


The Winemakers

The Gangemi family, now in its fourth generation, has run the winery from the outset. For all of the technical advances, two things remain unchanged: Firstly, the winery only cultivates indigenous varieties, and secondly, the family has always remained true to its origins: the grapes come from Etna.


The Wines

The family’s rigorous methods impressed us greatly. While on the search for a pure, classic Nerello Mascalese, we stumbled on the winery and met those who run it – a stroke of fortune for our range, and for us because we can now regularly enjoy this fantastic wine at home, and hopefully for you too, when you order some Antichi Vinai wine from us. 


The Special Experience

The first time we both visited Sicily, we were travelling by car through the Etna region looking for a Nerello Mascalese to add to our range. It was more by chance that we drove past the winery, before stopping to sample one or two of the wines there. Mr. Gangemi, guided us through the wine sampling. Hours later we returned to the Gangemi family home, where we sat down to dinner with them. A friend of the family then kindly drove us back to our hotel.