Vivera - C´era una volta - Rosé

Amazing Rosé

Nerello Mascalese und Nerello Cappuccio; Etna DOC


A typical untypical Rosé from Etna. 


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This is what the sicilian says

"C´era una volta" means "once upon a time". With this Rosé the Vivera family presents a new wine that reminds of the history of the family draws upon previous success. Even though the grapes have a strong taste the wine is surprisingly light and just wonderful. 

This is what the Sommelier says

The Nerello Mascalese and Nerello Cappuccino grapes that are used for this wine are typical grapes that grow primary at Etna and have a certain robustness. This rosé is light with mineral and fruity flavours and soft tannin. Just the right wine for the summer time. 

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