Pupillo - Vignazza delle Monache - Rosé

The experiment

100% Nero D'Avola


Nero d'Avola, dry fruity and lovely balanced. Experiment succeeded.


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This is what the sicilian says

On the highest vineyard of the Cantina Pupillo the "Vignazza delle Monache", which means vineyard of nuns, the Pupillo family made a brave experiment. They planted Nero d'Avola to create a Rosé full of character. I think the experiment was a hugh success.

This is what the Sommelier says

This Rosé benefits from the volcanic soil and the high location. The circumstances create fine aroma of red fruits, cherries and berries. The fine, dry well-balanced Rosé is a perfect choice in many situations. It is a lovely Aperitif or a companion for a light meal. 

Pupillo Winery

Pupillo winery: a tale of kings and castles, friendship and weddings... 

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