Feudo Montoni - Vigna dei Fornelli

The wild one

100% Inzolia


This Inzolia's grapes have their origin in wild growing grapes. 


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This is what the sicilian says

The translation of "Fornelli" is fire pit where pottery was baked. This pottery was used to store wine and oils a long time ago. This wine is stored in pottery for 6 months before it is bottled. A wonderful white wine that resonates for some time. 

This is what the Sommelier says

A splendid strong Inzolia that is produced from 30-year-old vines. He convinces through the freshness, but also through his long aftertaste and fine minerality. With his soft flavour he is a perfect match for grilled fish or white meat.

Feudo Montoni Winery

Feudo Montoni winery: A history, of leaving and returning home; of homland in the past, present and future... 

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