Antichi Vinai - Pertralava Rosso

Etna's Lava

50% Nerello Cappuccio, 50% Nerello Mascalese; Etna DOC


A red wine direclty from Etna, dry with amazing tannin. 


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This is what the sicilian says

The grapes grow on sandy, volcanic soil and are resisting strong changes in temperature due to the location of the vineyards. This is the reason for the dry taste of tannin. The grapes are picked by hand to ensure a pure, balanced result.

This is what the Sommelier says

A typical Etna wine produced from the Nerello grapes, handpicked. This wine is lovely to a delicious meal.

Antichi Vinai Winery

A family, that has dedicated themselfe to viticulture on the northern hillsides of Mount Etna for more than 100 years... 

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