Murgo - Etna Rosso Tenuta San Michele

The classy one

100% Nerello Mascalese


A typical red wine from the etna region with fruity and berry flavours and smooth tannin.


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This is what the sicilian says

This great red wine combines the fruity character of the grape with the mineral taste, that comes from the black sand of the volcano Etna. A wonderfully balanced Nerello Mascalese, that is typical for the Etna region. The annual production is limited to approximately 6.500 bottles. We are proud to be able to offer this this lovely red wine to you. 

This is what the Sommelier says

The elegance and interaction of the fruity flavour, the minerality, the tannin but also the soft touch of vanilla and roasted hazelnut makes this wine special and an ideal companion of red and white meat or medium matured sheep's cheese. Or you just leave him for another 10 years, he is only improving. 

Murgo Winery

"The duty of nobility" - For the Scammaca del Murgo family only the love for wine is the only required obligation... 

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