Antichi Vinai - Alkè

The lazy one

100% Nero d'Avola; IGT

This typical, elegant Nero d'Avola combined with volcanic soil of Mount Etna. 


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This is what the sicilian says

Nero D'Avola is always a good choice. This one is very well done and can be served to any dish without hesitation or it can be enjoyed in the evening after an exciting day.

This is what the Sommelier says

With its distinct fruity flavour this wine offers a versatile experience in taste that fits a large variety of dishes e.g. cheese, Antipasti or meat. Harvested late in the year the best grapes are selected by hand, which gives this red wine a wonderful structure that is rounded off by woody notes as the wine matures in oak barrels. 

Antichi Vinai Winery

A family, that has dedicated themselfe to viticulture on the northern hillsides of Mount Etna for more than 100 years... 

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